Friday, December 18, 2009

Another heart attack...

Was using the phone, suddenly heard a very loud crying sound. It was ordinary as i was used to it and thought it will be her falling down again from the chair or the table but it got me there when everyone was surrounding her asking her what happened?? what happened?? my mum place her palm on the head to find where was the wound as blood was flowing down till the floor. Everyone was panic till someone shouted "quick, take her to see the doctor". I carried her with the tissue on her head telling her that we're going out to get her ice-cream as to draw her attraction away from her pain. My heart was pumping so so fast and i was also praying at the same time wishing and hoping nothing bad will happen to my family.

We reached there and she finally found out that it was a lie. The nurse cleaned her wound and as she was cleaning she told us that she might need to stitch her wound. The doctor came and had a look at the wound and confirmed that she need to go for stitches and i felt really worried for her, i was thinking "how is she gonna take the pain even though with the injection"? I saw the doctor holding up the needle getting ready to inject her and her crying sound was so loud till the whole clinic could hear her, actually she was literally shouting her lungs out. My dad was trying to make her feel better but i can feel him wanting to get out of the room so badly as he couldn't stand looking at the doctor starting to stitch her head. As i was holding her feet i was still praying still wishing and hoping everything will be just fine after we walk out of the clinic and that the doctor wouldn't say anything bad about her.

After everything was finished. I was relieved as we walked out and get into the car heading home again. It was Veronica, my baby sister who fell and hurt her head while coming out of the toilet.

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