Friday, December 18, 2009

Another heart attack...

Was using the phone, suddenly heard a very loud crying sound. It was ordinary as i was used to it and thought it will be her falling down again from the chair or the table but it got me there when everyone was surrounding her asking her what happened?? what happened?? my mum place her palm on the head to find where was the wound as blood was flowing down till the floor. Everyone was panic till someone shouted "quick, take her to see the doctor". I carried her with the tissue on her head telling her that we're going out to get her ice-cream as to draw her attraction away from her pain. My heart was pumping so so fast and i was also praying at the same time wishing and hoping nothing bad will happen to my family.

We reached there and she finally found out that it was a lie. The nurse cleaned her wound and as she was cleaning she told us that she might need to stitch her wound. The doctor came and had a look at the wound and confirmed that she need to go for stitches and i felt really worried for her, i was thinking "how is she gonna take the pain even though with the injection"? I saw the doctor holding up the needle getting ready to inject her and her crying sound was so loud till the whole clinic could hear her, actually she was literally shouting her lungs out. My dad was trying to make her feel better but i can feel him wanting to get out of the room so badly as he couldn't stand looking at the doctor starting to stitch her head. As i was holding her feet i was still praying still wishing and hoping everything will be just fine after we walk out of the clinic and that the doctor wouldn't say anything bad about her.

After everything was finished. I was relieved as we walked out and get into the car heading home again. It was Veronica, my baby sister who fell and hurt her head while coming out of the toilet.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Monday, December 7, 2009


Happy Birthday 18th Ivan!! You still owe me a guitar played song, you know what i mean!! But i hope your dream and wishes come true!! Have a great day. God bless (:

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Silent Night.... Holy night....

Its a Tuesday and the calender says its 1st of DECEMBER 2009. Its DECEMBER, its DECEMBER... but why do i not have the Christmas spirit in me?? I know when i was a kid i used to feel so excited when this month is coming cuz my birthday happened to be on the same month (means i get double the presents!!) But it doesn't feel the same anymore like i don't see every single streets filled with deco. I really miss those shimmering and glittery deco everywhere in Malaysia. May be its expensive decorating so many places but may be some where in PJ should have those pretty decorations hung on the trees and some of the ready made decorations placed in empty places around??

Does Malaysia has a place to play with snow?? I don't think so... In Malaysia, many doesn't get to experience snow due to our climate (I know it your mind you must be thinking, go to overseas la??) but for people who doesn't get to tour around the world due to their job or many it is too expensive for them will only get to experience snow if our country gets to build a snow kind of exhibition where any age range citizens from kids to adults will get to play with snow during christmas seasons. Even if it cost a lot building this but i'm sure many would like to experience?? and many tourist would like to come to this snow exhibition when they come to malaysia to celebrate christmas??

To me, christmas is celebrated to have fun playing around with friends and family and i know you must be thinking even without snow we can celebrate christmas werd?? But whats wrong with making out christmas a better one?? I just miss those kids time when everyone can't wait till opening their presents below the christmas tree and always awaiting for 25th of december to arrive. I know i would beg my parents when i was lil on christmas eve whether i could open at least one present. Even though there was no snow like now but at least the christmas spirit was still there with everyone who celebrates christmas. For my family, my family members and i would dig out old christmas deco from the store room even long before christmas would even arrive. Even though we always reuse the lights and deco but every year the tree would have different colour on the tree.

Hmm.... I really just miss those times...

Friday, November 27, 2009

I was in the car after lunch, and then the thunder started to storm really loudly, many were shock and i was alarmed by this screaming when i was in this shop along the street. When i was waiting for the car to arrived, the wind blew the rain water into the shop houses and the floor was really slippery and wet after the car arrived, it was quite peaceful as the rain started to slow down. After a while, the sky started to turn black and the rain droplets started to drip down from the sky and because of that i started to feel lil sleepy and so, i was trying to find my comfort place to fall asleep. After i've found it, i closed my eyes and starting to try to fall asleep but my brain was occupied and i was thinking, thinking bout you and i realized i'm missing you so much. I know that you're far away and normally, this kind of thing doesn't work out but because of your strong commitment and love you had in your heart this relationship continue its history. I miss you, i really do.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009